The Red Sea Star

“Where the fish watch you eat”, it´s how New York Times defined this innovative restaurant from Gulf of Eilot, a southern city from Israel. With an architecture signed by Joseph Kiriaty and the interior design by Ayala Serfety, who had the brilliant idea, while diving in the Red Sea of Egypt. “We could create an under sea space” she thought. And that how the idea starts to grow.


Before start its construction,  all the sea environment was recreated under the supervision of Doran Kairi, a marine life expert and the Israeli Nature Reserve.

To get to this incredible restaurant, you have to go down by elevator 6 meters under the sea. When you arrive all you can see is the spectacular job of Ayala, who recreated a under the sea surround with colorful furniture  with sculptural  forms that evokes the sensation of floating weightless in the water. And through the windows you can see the real environment of the sea,  is what makes this space one of the most popular and attractive restaurant in the world.


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