Why Abuela´s Beach House????

Always when we receive a guest in our house, they ask us the same question….
“Why Abuela´s Beach House???” And this is the first step to tell about our crazy story!
And we start answering: – It´s because we are from South America ….and Abuela´s means Grandmother in Spanish!
-Really?? Where are you from guys ??
– Ana is from Brazil and Brane is from Argentina, but he moved with his parents to Croatia in 1991.
– WOW!!! And how do you know each other?
– That´s a long story….. In the past our parents moved to Argentina because of the II World War, and they were living in Iguazu, a little town in the North of Argentina. Ana was living in Brazil but she always spent vacations with us ….but we were only 4 and 6 years old. Then we split a part, Brane moved to Croatia and Ana stayed in Brazil.  The last year, Ana went to Croatia to see her grandmother´s house in Brela. We met each other again after years. We made a very good friendship and decide to travel to Budapest together!! In this trip we fail in love, she decided to move to Croatia and start a business renting her grandmother´s house in summer time. When she arrived we start our real relationship, and decided to get a civil marriage, live and run the business together.
-WOW!! Everything happened so fast!! Amazing story!!
– Yes, for us everything happens very quick, but for her grandmother that said all her life to her granddaughter , that she supposed to live in Croatia and marry a croatian guy ……………it took 29 years !!! 😉

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