What can I eat in Croatia!?!?!?!

That´s something that all our guests ask us!

Typically Croatia has a lot of traditional foods, some of them are similar in Austria, Hungary, and Germany. But with little differences. Here is some dishes that you have to taste if you are coming to this amazing country!!

Traditional Ćevapčići – grilled  dish of minced meat prepared with a mix of beef and
porkmeat. Normally is served of 5-10 pieces on a plate or on a lepinje (a kind of
typicallybread). with onions, sour cream, kajmak, ajvar and cotaage cheese. 
Janjetina – The famous lamb is pretty much served in the restaurants in Croatia. Normally
they are served with potatoes, onions and vegetables with sweet sauce . 
Salata od Hobotnice – The famous octopus salad is very common in Croatia, it´s served with
potatoes, olives, and a sauce based on garlic, vinegar and olive oil. It´s most consumed in
the Dalmacija region.
Crni Rižot – Cuttlefish Risotto, it´s a very popular y delicious dish served in the region of
Dalmacija for seafood lovers. Is not a cheap plate to order but definitely is one of the most
tasteful you are going to try. Its colored and flavored by squid or cuttle fish ink.
Maneštra – Is a vegetable stew, cooked in the winter time, most popular in Istria region,
North of Croatia. It´s served similar to a soup and the ingredients are different sort of
vegetables and sometimes with meat too.
Pastičada – Meet sauce with gnocchi. That dish is a meticulous preparation of marinating
beef in vinegar, onions and lemon at least 24hs. Then is cooked with carrots,cloves, nutmeg,
red wine and prosciutto and mixed with gnocchis, what gives to that dish a explosion of
Croatian flavors. 
Punjena Paprika – “Stuffed Pepper”, is a very traditional dish from Croatia, common prepared with green peppers stuffed with a mix of pork meat , rice and seasoned with garlic, black pepper, and herbs. Is served in a tomatoes sauce and mashed potatoes.
Sarma – Grape leaves rolled and stuffed with mix of of beef and pork, onions,  meat seasoned
with different spices herbs and boiled for several hours. That is one of the favorites dishes
served in Croatia for Christmas and New Years Eve. 
Kremšnita – One of the most famous and delicious cakes served for desert in the restaurants
and Slatičarnice (sweet shops) of Croatia. It´s a cake based on a vanilla cream, very smoothie
and tasteful. 
Strudel – Very known in all Europe , its very typical desert in Croatia also. It can be  made of
apple or cherry. 
Fritule – a festive Croatian pastry , very similar to donuts ,made particularly for Christmas
but also very sealed in summer time for tourism.  

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