Brela, top 10 beautiful beach in the world by Forbes Magazine!

It is a small town on the road between the city of Split and Makarska. Was considered by Forbes Magazine, one of the top 10 most beautiful beaches in the world.
Kamen Brela, a rock on the middle of the sea,  is the main tourist sights. Punta Rata its most famous beach. Brela has a small, but beautiful center with bars,restaurants, and a beautiful view of the marina of the town, where you can see the amazing boats and yachts of tourists and residents.
In addition to its center, Brela has 8 km of Longo Mare, a coastal walks of the town, where you can enjoy the most beautiful and interesting landscape.
For those more adventurous, there is also in Brela, Vrulja beach, that can only be reached through a good walk along the rocks or by boat.
Vrulja is a hidden beach and has an incredible natural beauty. If  you come to Brela , you may not miss to explore its beautiful.
Here some pictures,  so you can appreciate the recommendation of today!

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