Celebrities also have fun in Croatia!!! – Summer 2011

Year after year, more and more celebrities look forward to spend a great summer in the beauties of the Croatian
One of the most famous place is the Island of Hvar. But not only there, Istria and Dalmacija Coast are very popular too.
In 2011 Croatia received  Jay Z and Beyonce, pregnant of her first child,
the 30 years old , singer , spent the summer in Hvar Island with her
Jon Bon Jovi also went to enjoy holidays with his family in the Adriatic
He chose Dubrovnik to
start his journey, but
went also to National
Park of Krka, and spent
most of the time in his yacht in the South of Dubrovnik, in a small city call Cavtat.
But it’s not all about holidays! Angelina Jolie also visited the country
this year, for only 3 days. The objective of her trip was not  relax, but
continuing with her Humanitarian Mission around the world. The
gorgeous actress arrived for the first time in the country to talk with the
Croatia President, Ivo Josipovic, about land mine problems. She
was invited by the
actor Rade Serbedzjia. She get the chance to see the Island of Brijuni, a
group of fourteen little islands in the north part of Istria. She was
impressive with the nature and said  ” This country is more beautiful
than people talk” .
And the most commented visit in the country all the summer was about
the polemic Prince Harry. That´s right!
The Prince spent one week in the island of Hvar with friends in his
As always he was in the middle of
the media eyes.
His behavior in wild drunk nights was not different in Croatia. One more time his
celebrations and parties were caught out by paparazzi and by tourists that recorder a dance video that became popular in youtube! Prince Harry never disappoint us! He dances like no one and even jump into the swimming pool!
Come on ….he is the Prince …he can! 😉
Look Prince Harry dance!

One thought on “Celebrities also have fun in Croatia!!! – Summer 2011

  1. I m so glad that Croatia become a familiar destination; I mean I remember the times when people used to ask me: Croatia? Where is that? And do you hane Coca Cola over there? :))

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