Korčula Island, Marco´s Polo hometown!!

Hello Croatian fans!!!

Today we are going to travel a little bit in the Island of Korčula.


One of the most famous islands in Croatia, Korčula became very famous because its beautiful landscape, beaches and for be  Marco´s Polo hometown. Everyone who visits the island try to find this famous house.




When I went there for the first time, with my friend from Argentina, Cony, we were so excited about his house, but we were a little disappointing when we get there. Its not really a  house…..  just ruins!! So if you pretend you are going to find a  house….. you are not ! 😦  But there is a tower where you can go in and take pictures of those ruins. 😉

Of course we went there and took unless one picture!


All the landscapes in the island are gorgeous, there´s a lot of history and culture to see. Plenty of museums, and rocky little streets with houses and hotel with castle shapes.


We did it one day excursion only, but if you are going to stay more days in Korčula, I will suggest you visit Lombarda as well, is 10 min bus ride and you are going to find a little town with vineyards, and local people with a lot of stories about the island.

For those who are fans of  activities you can also find windsurf, cycling, adventure walking and fishing.


Good trip!!


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