The Island of Party………I mean Hvar! ;)

Hello travellers!!!!


Today we are bringing to you the hottest tips to party in Hvar Island!!!

Here are the 3 most famous night clubs in the island:



Very famous beach bar in the town, has the best marketing on internet, and people like very much their after beach parties. Its one of the hottest social scenes in the island. The bar is open from mid-day till 2 a.m every day in summer time.  Here we bring you the parties in Carpe Diem for this summer and some photos.



Hula Hula is also a beach bar very famous in Hvar. They present a very famous electronic music festival called Ohm Festival. From 14th till 20 July . You can find all information in the web:

If you are not coming to hvar for those dates don´t worry, Hula Hula has a  lot of parties all over the summer. For sure you are going to find one for the days you are coming 😉


Veneranda Klub

This for sure is the most famous night club in the island of Hvar. Last year Price Harry was parting in the club and made the media go crazy jumping in the swimming pool of the club.

For this year Veneranda are preparing very good parties.

Here is the line up for the summer and some photos as well!!


That´s it!!! We wish you enjoy Hvar and don´t stop party!!!!!


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