Plitvice Lakes – The biggest National Park in Croatia!

Hello travelers!!!


Today we are bringing to you information about Plitvice Park.

One of the most famous landscapes in Croatia, Plitvice it composed by  the series of 16 bigger and a few smaller lakes with its amazing waterfalls. This special place was considerate by Unesco, World Human Heritage.

You are also going to find different type of species from animal kingdom as fishes and crustaceans, Amphibia, reptiles, birds ands mammals.

Its the perfect environment to find amazing sightseeing, and contemplate the nature in all their ways.

The park changes it figure completely between summer and winter. In winter time all the waterfalls are frozen which give it a interesting and completely different view from the park.

There’s a lot of accommodation   places nearby if you plan to stay one night there.

Ticket prices are about 12 – 20 euros x adult , but the best choice before you go is to consult their web page:

There you are going to find a lot of informations.

If you are staying with us don’t forget to ask about day excursions. 🙂

Here are some pics to enjoy!!!






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