Best Food and Drink brands in Croatia!

Hello Travelers!!

We notice that more and more people come to Croatia and want to scape from places as the big hotels chains, and look for accommodations as ours, apartments or studios where you have a little kitchen where you can prepare your own food or even just to have the experience of taste different delicatessen that you can find in the supermarket.

One great idea that we get from one of our guests was that she came to stay with us and start researching on Internet the different receipt of the national food and she went to the supermarket buy all the ingredients and prepared to his husband different plates. For me the idea was romantic and original! Another way to know the culture and the food of the place!!

Today we prepare a post that shows you the best Croatian brands that you can find in the supermarket!!

Let’s start with the BEERS!!

KARLOVACKO: The number one in the country,is the most famous and  sold beer. With a very good taste is a brand that we can say that people like pretty much.

OZUJSKO: The first competitor of Karlovacko, this beer in my opinion the tasteful beer in Croatia. They have also good marketing and advertising all over the country. They have smaller market share than Karlovacko.

PAN: Is the third most sold beer in Croatia, and its produced by Carlsberg Croatia.

VELEBITSKO: Its considered a very quality beer, even for the English market that gave the vote of best croatian beer. Has two versions of beer the blonde , that content 5.1% alcohol and the dark that contents  6.1%.

Croatia has also good wines! Here are some brands!




Liqueurs and Spirits also are very common in Croatia. And the famous grapa made it from grape or plumb is a very strong shot with 40% of alcohol, but can be very soft when is mixed with fruits as blueberry, or orange. And also with honey, the famous Medica., with pear Kruskovac, and with herbs like Pelinkovac.

TIP: If you are going to visit Peljesac make sure you visit the wineries there. They are fabulous!!

Here are some liqueurs and spirits. The most famous brand in Croatia is Maraska. You are going to find them in all sueprmarkets of the country.




The most famous brand for coffee is Franck Cafe , and they have also a huge sort of fruit teas where you are going to find a variation of flavours with typical fruits of the different regions of Croatia.

TIP: If you are a tea lover buy some original fruits tea from Croatia they are great!!

Here are some products you are going to find in the supermarket:



“Concerning water quality, Croatian water is greatly appreciated all over the world., and Croatia has a leading position in Europe with regard to its water resources.”(by Wikipedia)

In a lot of places in Croatia you can drink the water from the pipes, but also Croatian water industry had been rewarded several times because its mineral water. They have also flavoured water that are very good.

TIP: If you go to the restaurant make sure to ask normal water if you don’t want water with gas, because in Croatia Mineral Water means water with gas!!!!

Here are the best brands in the country:


Also the juices are very common in Croatia , and there’s several good brands in the market. Here are two kinds of juices , the finished one and the sirup kind that you have to add water to do it.


You are going to find a very good quality of meat process products and pork meat in Croatia, the cow meat is not so good and it’s very expensive.
Here are some good brands for Ham, salame, prsut. If you are coming to Croatia make sure you taste Dalmantinski prsut and Kobasicas, they are very very yummy!!!!! If you are  gastronomic person and enjoy to visit open markets

TIP :I recommend you to visit the open markets in the cities and try to find home made prsut, they are the best one!!! and try to find the typicall Sir of Pag, its a delicious salty cheese of the island of Pag. 


The famous brand in the  market:



Dairy products are also very quality products in Croatia, in the supermarket you are going to find a big variety of yoghurt, milk, cheese and so on.

TIP: Taste a portion of pizza with vrhnje (its a Croatian salty cream) and its delicious in the pizza

Here are the most famous brand!!!!




For those who likes to cook , here comes the best tip of this post! Vegeta!! Vegeta is a herbal salt that they uses to give to the food special flavours, its a mix of salt , herbs and vegetables. Its incredible how vegeta enhances the taste of the food.

TIP: For those fanatics gourmet this is the  product to buy and take home!!!


As everybody knows Croatia has a very large coast and because of that a huge fish market. Its the primary food in the country. I could recommend brands for tunas and more but I think that there’s is nothing as buy the fish in the port of the little town. The boats arrives everyday early in the morning with different kind of fishes, calamaris, little fishes…. very fresh.
For sweets we have interesting brands of cookies, chocolates and ice -cream.

TIP: If you like chocolate very much visit one  KRAS STORE, they are leader in the market and have places all over Croatia. Its a mix with coffe and chocolate store.

They also have products in the supermarket as you can see below:




I wish you enjoy the post and the tips and if you really like to discover about food on Croatia you can see also our post:


Enjoy!!!! And Dobar Tek!!!! (Good Appetite in Croatian ) 🙂











3 thoughts on “Best Food and Drink brands in Croatia!

  1. great blog! just one correction, Velebitsko beer line have also one more beer brand its called Kasachko, its mixed blend of Blonde and Dark mix. 🙂

  2. I don’t think Karlovačko is the most popular beer in Croatia, that would actually be Ožujsko, it’s far bigger brewery plenty of locales don’t even have Karlovačko for sale due to some sort of agreements with Ožujsko makers.

    Also, I don’t recommend Ožujsko to anyone, because it’s pretty bad beer to be honest. Pan (Zlatni if possible) is far better, and Velebitsko, Kasačko and Tomislav are probably the best we have to offer. Choice is a bit better in Zagreb, but that is for whole different story 🙂

    Nice to see someone is writing about Croatia, though!

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