Zadar !!!

A beautiful city full of history and a mix with new technology and nature. Zadar Its the 5th biggest city in Croatia and 2d on Dalmatia region.

The centre is so beautiful and we could see how the Romanian architecture influences the city. The fortress and the walls around the city gives you the sensation of visiting a place o ancient time.

There’s a lot of museums , churches, monasteries for cultural lovers visitors to spend time.  

Also you will find a incredibly invention made by Nikola Bašić , its an natural sea organ, that plays music accord to how the sea touch the steps of the organ. Something really amazing to see.

The “Salutation of the Sun” is another invention by Nikola, that consists on sun boards installed on the floor that fulfil with suns energy all the day and when the sunset comes those boards turn on different lights colour transforming the place in a show of lights really beautiful to see.

We also visited the Restaurant Il Padrino, the place , food and price was really good!

The park Kraljice Jelena also is a peaceful place to visit , with a lot of green and gorgeous flowers and a bar to take a coffee and enjoy the nature.


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