Differences between Brela and Baska Voda

Yesterday we were talking with some guests and they commented to us , that they were a little bit confused about which place to pick to make they’re holidays. They had to decide between Brela and Baska Voda, but they were not sure about the differences, till they get here.

Rock of Brela
Brela, Croatia

The debate we had made me write this post and I think will be very useful for our travellers.
Brela and Baska Voda both have beautiful beaches and great landscapes, there’s no questions about that. The main point I considerer its important to have in mind, its that in Brela you’ll find more places where you can relax in high season.


As Baska Voda have a bigger center than Brela, and all the main beaches are in the center , people concentrate there. So sometimes if you are a traveller looking for quite and relaxing beaches, in Baska Voda will be hard to find.

Baska Voda
Baska Voda

Brela also have a center , smaller than Baska Voda, and also full of people in high season, even Punta Rata Beach , the most famous one, is stuggling of people. The difference is that Brela has 4km of promenade starting in the center and finishing in Jakirusa Beach, and in those 4 km you can find a lot of small beaches as Stomarica, Jardula, Podrace and so on. Also bars and restaurants that are not so crowded.

Stomarica Beach, Brela
Stomarica Beach, Brela

Baska Voda has great restaurants and bars but they are always full, the same in the center of Brela.
So the conclusion we had yesterday debating about the differences is that if you are looking for a relaxing place, not so much people around and great landscapes the best its to get accommodation in the promenade of Brela. If you are travelling looking for great restaurants and bars with nightlife, good movement of people during the day and the night you should pick accommodation at Baska Voda or the center of Brela.
The great news is that is places for all kind of tourism!! 🙂
So if you are goign to relax this holidays , you also can see Abuela’s Beach House as an option. We are in the Jardula part of Brela, 3km from the center. 😀

Jardula Beach , Brela



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