5 nearby activities to enjoy with children !!

We have a lot of families with children coming this year to visit us. Sometimes it’s difficult to figure out what to do with the kids, besides going to the beach.

Here are our tips to make the best of your holidays in Croatia and enjoy moments with the little ones!

1) Activity by the sea:

Brela has a lot of funny water activities for kids. There’re banana boat, water tube, water sofa, tornado boat, jet ski, parasailing and trip boats. It’s just a few meters from Abuela’s Beach House and you can reach by walk. Kids love these activities and can even be more fun if the parents enter the game. You can find more pictures about water activities in our album at Facebook page

Croatia, Brela
Water Activities in Brela, Croatia
Abuelas Beach House , Brela Croatia
Sofa Water, Brela Croatia

2) Krka Waterfalls:

Krka is an excellent choice for a day excursion with the family. The park and the nature surrounding are magic. One of the reasons why is so funny to visit it, it’s because they aloud to swim in one part of the waterfalls. It’s a special tour.  You can also plan a picnic at the park. The drive to Krka is about 1h from Abuela’s Beach House . Find more information about the park at our previous post.

Krka Waterfalls
Krka Waterfalls, Croatia.

3) Biokovo Park

The Biokovo Mountains are the second largest mountains in Croatia. The place has a lot of activities to enjoy by the family. A Botanical park is available and also sightseeing points with breathtaking views from the entire Makarska Riviera. Restaurants are placed all over the park,  and there you will find spots where you can see animals cared by the restaurant’s owners. It’s worth the visit for those who enjoy nature tours. The park is located 14km form Abuela’s Beach House

Biokovo Mountains, Croatia
Biokovo Mountains, Croatia

4) Rafting the Cetina River

One of the most loved excursions by the families that have visited us. The rafting adventure is a lot of fun and really challenges the family to work as a team when going down the river. It’s not dangerous at all, since kids from 3 years old can enjoy the activity, and the  company we recommend has years of experience offering this tour. Every family that took the tour absolutely loved it. Highly recommended. If you are coming to Abuela’s Beach House and want to schedule your tour, please just contact our team, we will help you.

Rafting at Cetina River, Brela, Croatia

5) The Acqua Park

This is what we call fun, fun and more fun for kids. The Acqua Park is located between Brela and Baska Voda. It’s an inflatable kids park in the sea. There’re variations of recreation and kids can spend hours playing around. I have to say that parents must pay per hour, but nothing takes us the opportunity to see our kids smile, isn’t it? A must-visit spot for those coming with kids!

Acqua Park, Brela Croatia
Acqua Park, Brela Croatia

We wish you enjoy our tips, and if there’s any previous information you need when visiting us, please just let us know!!


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