Posts to read before travelling to Croatia.

Hi travellers!

In my opinion there’s nothing worth it to do it, than preparing yourself with local tips when travelling.

A guide is valuable, but what you can really trust is a traveller post. Why? Because travellers are travellers. They can give you gold tips in every topic. They are amazing experienced in tell you exactly what you should do and expect before arriving on your destination. Besides that, they meet local people and share great experiences.

There’s a lot of good traveller’s blogs out there. I have made a selection of the most interesting posts I found on Internet about Croatia, and I have agreed with 95% of this tips. So here we go. Enjoy this fabulous tips:


Five Things I Wish I Knew Before Visiting Croatia , this post from the blog Landlopers by Matt Long, is by far the best post about Croatia that I read so far. He captured the best things Croatia has to offer and put it with an incredible description. Amazing pictures, great tips about food, places to visit, time needed to a great trip to Croatia and more. Take a look at this post and feel the amazing trip you are about to discover by visiting Croatia.


Croatia Do’s and Dont’s , post by Blog Travel Channel. In terms of information this one of the best resources post I found out on the net. It gives a complete information and tips about how to reach different points of Croatia, the best transportation to take form one point to other, distances, times taken and more. Totally worth it to read if you are planning to travel Croatia with public transportation.


In the blog Adventure’s Kate, she prepared a section about Croatia where you can search for different places and explore all the most beautiful cities and also small pebbles not so explored as the famous Dubrovnik and Split. Really complete posts with a lot of heart in it. Kate is one of the best travel bloggers out there.


Another must read blog, full of information its Frank’s Blog, Explore Croatia with Frank.  He makes a wonderful job travelling Croatia all around and showing amazing landscapes and tips through photos and text. It’s a complete local guide.

As you can see there’s a lot of information out there about Croatia. It’s time to find the best tips and schedule a memorable trip to this amazing country.

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And we can’t forget to mention our blog as well. We are not professionals as this travellers but we put a lot of love on it 😉

Wish you all the luck, and if coming to Brela , you know, don’t forget to visit us at Abuela’s Beach House!!

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