The best gourmet gifts form Croatia revealed!

The most popular way to know a country that we are visiting, it’s tasting their delicatessen. 

Food equals culture, and it’s one of the best parts of travelling. 

When people stay in our house, they always ask the famous question: “what should I buy to bring home that it’s typically from here??” 

And there’s a lot of delicious staff!!! 

Here is our top 5! 

Olive Oil - Photo from Croatia Week
Olive Oil – Photo from Croatia Week

The best friend of the Mediterranean kitchen, the Olive oil is one of the most pure and tasty condiments of Croatian cuisine. In the Dalmatian coast, we use it for almost every meal and the flavor it’s totally different form industrialized olive oil. 

There’re a places where you will find small producers selling their products. 

In 2013, Frano Miloš, a leading Dalmatian olive oil and wine producer, have won the international Olive oil competition. 


Homemade Honey - photo by
Homemade Honey – photo by

The “med”, as we call honey in Croatia, it’s considered the best healthy food. It has a full content of vitamins and help against among of health symptoms. 

Here we call honey, medicine, and we use it in a lot of ways, with the breakfast, in the kitchen and with liqueurs. 

As the same as the olive oil, you’ll find small honey producers selling their products around the open markets.  

Pršut and Paški Sir - photo by
Pršut and Paški Sir – photo by

Delicious, delicious, delicious. This is the only way I know to describe the Pršut (smoked ham) and Paški Sir (a kind of provolone cheese made in the Island of Pag). The combination between them is perfect, and if you taste with some homemade bread even better. 

This is one of the most famous entrance plates in the restaurants, and the plate people serve in their houses when receiving guests. 

A very traditional plate, and you can find it in supermarkets and open markets where they sell it in vacuumed packages. Ready to go!!!  


Croatian wine - photo by Like Croatia
Croatian wine – photo by Like Croatia

Wine in Croatia is tradition. Especially in the Pelješac area, where you’ll find the best wines of the country. There’re different types of grapes, but the most well known in Dalmatian coast is the Plavac Mali. 

For white wines the most famous here is the Graševina sort, and its a dry kind of wine. 

We drink wine with sparkling water, coca-cola and pure. 

A Croatian wine is a perfect gift to take home or to give some family or friends.  

Croatian Licquors
Croatian Licquors


Liquors are another tradition in Croatia. Every time that you visit a new restaurant or visit someone in Croatia, they will serve you a fruit liquor. Most of them are homemade and incredibly tasty. They can be made of Loza (the base is from grapes) 

You’ll find a a lot of types: Višnjevača (liquor of cherry), Orahovac (nuts), Kruškovac (pears), medica (honey) and so on. 

That’s another product you’ll find in the open markets of the towns.  


If you are coming to Croatia, this is the best ideas you can have to take a gift with you and taste the flavors of Croatia with your friends and family.

Wish you like it!!!

For more information about Croatian products, you can visit our previous post: Best Food and Drink brands in Croatia!!


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