4 Beach Bars you must visit in Brela!

There’s no better moment than the moment you leave the beach,  and decide to take a drink and watch the sunset right?

Yes! We know!

So here is the deal, we will show you 4 beach bars you must see in Brela, the 4th is on the house! 🙂

Let’s enjoy.


Beach Bar Lero. Credits: Beach Bar Lero
Beach Bar Lero. Credits: Beach Bar Lero

It’s not just that we love the owners of the bar, because they are our friends, but Lero Beach Bar is the most famous in our region. Just 100 m from the house, is the perfect spot to take a beer while enjoying the beach. The attention is superb and they have a great drink menu. This year they announced a new spot by night, cozy,  with beach chairs, and small tables to enjoy the moon by the sea. Also during the day they will have rent a bike services.


Waikiki bar Brela
Waikiki bar Brela

You’ll find the most charming bar in Brela. It’s a typical beach bar, and the location is fabulous. The perfect place to watch the sunset. There’s live music once a week in high season. They have a great machine with ice coffee and iced strawberry juice.


Beach Bar mAČIĆ, Credit: Instant Design Studio
Beach Bar MAČIĆ, Credit: Instant Design Studio

Mačić it’s located near to the Hotel Marina, a 20 min walk from Abuela’s Beach house. The decoration is stunning and they have colourful chairs by the sea. The staff is kind and give the best attention in the town. One of the few bars that have some food to join with a beer or glass of wine. They have croissants, salads and sandwiches available on the menu.


Abuela’s Beach House place to hangout.
Abuela’s Beach House place to hangout.

Finally you can have a great breakfast overlooking the sea in our house! That’s the place we just set up to hangout with our guests, tell stories, get to know each other and enjoy the summer.

Here we will share some drinks and good laughs. We are sure.

Wish you like the tips, and wait for you in Brela!!


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