5 activities that are perfect for your September holidays in Brela

Summer is ending, but there’s still some great things you can enjoy in Brela.

In this post we will list to you the best activities to do in September. As the weather its good and not so hot, there’s many entertainments to enjoy.

#1 Cycling


Brela’s sea walk is one of the most beautiful in Croatia. A 5 km way full of beaches and nature. Cycling all the way is an amazing ride. Specially in September when the temperatures are not so high and the walk way not so full of people.

#2 Kayaking


There’s a few companies offering this service in Brela. A great choice for the low season period. Prices are affordable and the weather it’s a great company to this activity. Not too hot,  nor too cold. The landscapes are breathtaking. And a good exercise for holidays!

#3 Rafting 


Another fantastic choice to enjoy September! Rafting in the Cetina River is the most famous adventure sport we have n the area. Just 12 km from Abuela’s Beach House, the star point of the rafting have 10km (about 4 hours) excursion. Landscapes are completely different from the sea. Its like being in a jungle, passing through the canyons of the mountains.

It’s perfect for families because it’s not a wild journey, the river is quite calm, so it’s enjoyable for all ages.

#4 Visit Dubrovnik

activities to do in brela

The famous city in Croatia is just 160km from Brela. As the prices are very high there, and sometimes the place is crowded; a smart option is to visit Dubrovnik while staying in Brela. The highway is fast and in just 2,5  hours you can reach the old town. The visit can be done in a few hours as the old town is not  big. September is ideal to visit Dubrovnik as the number of visitors are decreasing and the temperatures are quite good to explore the city walls, between 25 and 28 C.

#5 Discover Mostar


Mostar is a touristic city in Bosnia and Hercegovina. There you will experience a fabulous cultural and totally different atmosphere. A city divide by Muslims and Croatians, that was the epicentre of the Yugoslavian war. The main bridge that divides the city was bombarded in the war and reconstructed. Today the main point of the city it provides a fabulous landscape.

A turkish market is available in the city full of interesting things as souvenirs, pashminas, clothes and more.

You can see more about Mostar in our post: Mostar

Wish you enjoy your stay at Brela in September.

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