Top 4 restaurants to eat in the Makarska Riviera

There’s one part of our job that we really enjoy! To eat at the best restaurants to tell our clients where they should try!

It’s true that sometimes one’s opinions it’s not equals to others. Aware of that we created this list based on our opinion, plus guests opinions.

All this restaurants were considered by all of us a great place to go and to have a wonderful meal.

# 4 Restaurant Jež, Makarska

restaurants in the makarska riviera
Restaurant Jež, Makarska
Shrimp Soup

In Jež you will find a great atmosphere. The service is very friendly, and the plates are gourmet style. They serve all around food, but always with a French look. On weekends they offer live music. This restaurant was several times winner awarded in the region.

#3 Konoba Ranč, Tučepi

Konoba Ranč , Tučepi

This is the kind of restaurant that you could fall in love. The tables are strategically positioned in the middle of an olive field. Every table have its private and unique space in the middle of the olives. The environment in this restaurant it’s absolutely gorgeous.

best restaurants in makarska riviera
Grilled squids

Not just the place is great. The food is delicious. You can choose everything from meat, pasta and fishes.

#2 Restaurant Burin, Brela

Nearby our house, you will find Restaurant Burin. Located at the end of Brela village, in the Jakiruša Beach.

I can tell you for sure, you will not regret to visit this place.

best restaurants in brela
Restaurant Burin, Brela

Some of the reason it’s a fabulous restaurant: friendly staff, delightful food , enjoyable desserts, great wines.

best restaurants in brela
Octopus salad

Burin has always been the favourite of our guests.

The quality of food is the number one reason people keep coming to Burin and do not regret!




#1 Konoba Galinac, Brela

The restaurant to visit when in holidays at Makarska Riviera!

Konoba Galinac, Brela


The panoramic view from Brela’s bay guarantees a stunning dinner in this place. Yet, we are not talking just about a nice place to dinner here. We are talking about the best beefsteak in the town!

And not just that, they also have awesome plates of cheese and traditional Croatian smoked ham, and if this is not what you are looking for, they still can delight you with a fabulous grilled fish.

Stipe, the owner of Galinac,  will do wherever its possible for you to have an unforgettable night!

Don’t forget to ask for their homemade white wine. Fantastic!

best restaurant in brela



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