Cycling in Croatia

Things you will love to do in Croatia!

Everybody knows that Croatia has a great seaside and lovely cities to explore. However, there are things you will love to do while visiting Croatia that just local people could advise you.

Here are some things that are typical of Croatian local customs.

Taste Višnjevača

Restaurants and bars offer this sour cherry liquor. It’s a traditional local custom to have one shot before eating, as an appetiser. To toast with Croatians, you must say Živjeli! It means cheers in Croatian. Take care, the liquor is sweet and can be tricky not to feel the grade of alcohol on it. Taking more than three shots can be fun, but not at the day after! 😉

Things to do in Croatia
Višnjevača. Credit

Eat Peka

Peka is a traditional dish, specially prepared by schedule. There are plenty of restaurants offering the plate, but frequently, they accept reservations for a minimum of 4 people. You can choose between lamb and beef or octopus. Your dish will cook in an individual steel lid covered by charcoal for 4 hours. You will not believe the tenderness and the flavours this dish will have. You will not find this kind of meal anywhere than in Croatia.

Things to do in Croatia
Peka . Credit:

More about where to eat nearby in this post.

Walk by the seaside in the first hours of the morning

It sounds stupid, but believe me, it’s not. Especially in the high season, it’s tough to find a quiet place to be at the beach. At 7 – 8 a.m the beaches are empty and the sea is very calm. The morning breeze is refreshing and even the sea smells incredible. It’s an entirely different feeling of the Adriatic Sea than at the moment where everybody is at the beach. Are you not the morning kind of person? No problem, you can try a similar feeling at the sunset (it’s not the same, but also worth it!). At the mornings and end of the day, it’s possible to see dolphins swimming in the sea!

For more pictures of Brela visit our website

Rafting in the Cetina River.

Absolutely a must do! The unbelievable environment of the nature in this place will blow your mind. It’s like crossing the jungle in boat. You will explore caves, mountains, water falls, canyons. An adventure for all family, included kids from 3 years old. The team work at the boat ride is funny and engaging. The Cetina River will bring you peace, surprises and a lot of fun.

rafting in croatia. things to do in croatia
Rafting at the Cetina River

Drink Water

Water from the pipes are very good in Croatia! We were awarded the second best water in the world after Cyprus. Anyhow, my tip here is not that but to get you familiar with Jamnica. This brand was awarded many times by its quality. They have launched a few years ago the brand Sensation. Its lime – kiwano flavoured water are the best in its kind. It’s refreshing for the hot days in summer. Give it a try if you are here.

things to do in croatia
Višnjevača. Credit


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