Dalmatia in May. Is it worth it?

Hello travellers!

A lot of people coming to Croatia in may ask us the same question. Is it worth it to travel to Dalmatia in May?

So here is our advice if you plan to come in May. It’s totally worth it! And here are the reasons:

1. Low season is ideal for those who enjoy peaceful moments and desert stunning beaches. Dalmatia is the place to come if you are looking for this. While the weather can’t be predictable, still you can make long walks on the sea and get your inner peace. Not crowd beaches nor multitude in restaurants. Just perfect!

Stomarica Beach, Brela

2. Interest points as national parks and even Dubrovnik will be easy to reach and enjoy. You’ll not have those infinite lines to travel around Dalmatia and still the traffic is enough fluid.


3. Prices are lower in low season! That’s right, as, in all travel destinations, May is a bargain for those looking for accommodation in Dalmatia. You’ll fin up to 75% deals compared with high season.

You can see rates stay in Brela at this link.

4. Services will be better. You’ll notice a better customer service in May. That’s because the season just started and all workers are full of energy. Sometimes in high season, the customer service can be affected by the multitude of people. While in September, you can feel the tiredness of the workers that have been all season working.

5. In may It’s not too hot. The weather is about 18 – 25 degrees Celsius, so you’ll not find overwhelmed by the hot days. It’s perfect to enjoy activities as running, climbing, tracking, and so on.



We wish you can experience Dalmatia in May . For any questions about traveling in Croatia, please contact us here

You can also visit our post about Croatia in September.





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